The Week That Was… The Raspberry

The week of the raspberry was a big one for me as it involved my first midwife appointment, and as I enter the week of the strawberry, it all feels much more real.

While I’ve still had quite a lot of nausea this week, which really kicked off in week 6 (the week of the blueberry), it seemed to subside slightly this week. I’ve had to keep eating really regularly to keep the worst of it down, but the overwhelming feeling of sickness definitely wasn’t as bad as it had been. Instead, fatigue has started to take over, and I’ve got a pretty horrible taste in my mouth. All the time. It’s not nice, and it’s not a metallic taste which I’ve heard it be described as, it’s a stale nasty taste but is there when I’ve brushed my teeth, eaten chewing gum, mints, mouthwash… I feel like I can taste actual hormones.

This week I made an effort to get more veggies into my diet by making a batch of homemade carrot and coriander soup which I took to work each day for lunch. It was lovely, but I think it contributed to extra bad bloating and stomach ache which got worse throughout the day. It was a little grim, but it seems to have subsided a little and I really think all the vegetables might have been such a drastic change on my digestive system, it really didn’t know what had hit it.

On Thursday came my first midwife appointment. I’d booked in with the Liverpool Womens, who have services all over Liverpool, and my local centre and appointment this week was at a local Children’s Centre just round the corner from my house. Very handy.

Such a lovely set up and service, we were there for about an hour and a half and had our booking in appointment with the Team Leader of the Community Midwives, and my actual midwife, who is the sweetest lady. They both put us at ease and made me feel so comfortable about being in their care for the forseeable.

The first midwife appointment is called ‘Booking In’ and is such a long one as they ask you all the questions under the sun to identify if there is anything in your lifestyle or history that puts you as a higher risk patient. They then took my blood to send away for screening for certain infections, and booked me in for my 12 weeks scan at the end of April. Getting that appointment is what made it all feel very real!

So, the ball is rolling and I have my own file full of paperwork and information that will see me right through the pregnancy, which I need to remember to take to every appointment. My first test of responsibility!

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