The Week That Was… The Blueberry!

The week that was the blueberry is the week I’d like to forget and never experience again. However I suspect that won’t be the case.

The week that was...
The week that was…

If you’ve been reading my blog so far (hey Mum!) you’ll have heard me talking about how I wasn’t convinced that I was pregnant due to my lack of doctor’s confirmation, and my lack of symptoms. The weeks of the poppy seed and the peppercorn came and went without a hint of change, and while deep down I knew I’d be eating my words at some point, I wasn’t quite prepared for the sudden impact of week six, day one.

NAUSEA. I won’t go into detail, as I did this at length in my post earlier in the week, which you can read here, but feeling like you’re going to vom at any second, is a pretty stressful and uncomfortable situation. And I’m eating constantly in an effort to calm it down, which means I’m going to be the size of house in no time.

I haven’t been sick yet and as such I’m aware that I’m so far getting an easy ride, I can’t imagine how those preggos with actual sickness cope, I’d be a total mess.

I’m surprised my team in work haven’t gotten on to the situation (if they have they’re playing a good game) as I’ve gone from eating breakfast, lunch and tea, with no snacks whatsoever, to having a mid-morning bacon butty and a pile up of dry Ryvita crumbs, half eaten yoghurts and abandoned fruit littering my desk.

I’d like to say I’m still eating well, but as per the lack of Pregnant Foodie posts this week, I’m eating whatever my brain’s telling me I need at that moment in time. Dry Ryvita, mash and gravy, soup… trying to still get some fruit in there as snacks but that leafy, earthy smell of salad is making my stomach churn.

I have been very tired too, but you know how draining it is when you’re feeling ill and trying to get on with life regardless, and have been really bloated – I’ve had to wear longer tops this week to cover up the fact that my jeans are completely undone. Getting them undone is easy and a total relief to the belly, but getting them done back up again without anyone noticing is a challenge (and possible HR issue). Otherwise I’ve had no other symptoms just yet. Still waiting for the sore boobs and need to constantly pee which everything I read is telling me should be happening right around now.

I’m now starting the week of the Raspberry, and my Ovia Pregnancy app (read my app review here) is giving me daily updates on the raspberry’s rapid development (beating heart, cartiledge to become bones, paddles for hands…). This week also brings my first official appointment with a midwife.

I’m not sure what to expect, what happens at this appointment? Is it just confirmation that it’s actually happening, will I need to make any big decisions, do I take my own urine sample or do it while I’m there?! I don’t want to be the weirdo who turns up with pre-prepared pee, but also don’t want to be the lax mum-to-be who can’t even get a sample ready for an appointment, let alone get a child ready for school in years to come…

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