The week that was… the Peppercorn!

So week 5 of pregnancy has been and gone. And it was… fine. Still no symptoms and still not quite sunk in yet.

I have been a little more on this planet this week. Last week (the week of the Poppyseed) was a big blur while I was coming to terms with the idea of it all. I got no work done (sorry boss if you ever read this) and couldn’t concentrate on anything. This week I’ve been back on form a bit more, although still slightly distracted by my Ovia Pregnancy app which you might remember me reviewing a few posts ago. Still totally fascinating to read about how my little Duff might be developing around about now, and how I could be feeling at each stage (sore boobs and the frequent need to pee, apparently. None of the above have shown their faces yet).


The week of the peppercorn
The big news for me this week was that I finally got my first midwife appointment booked in. After the not-so-enjoyable experience I had at my doctors, it really wasn’t sitting right with me that I was 5 weeks pregnant and yet no-one had asked me any questions to determine whether I might be at risk, I hadn’t been put on a system as being pregnant (still not 100% confident myself thanks to this lack of symptoms) and I had no clue whatsoever what was going to happen, when and how.

So I got hold of the number for Liverpool Women’s Hospital Antenatal Department and after a frustrating day of unanswered calls I finally got through to a friendly voice who asked me all the questions I’d have expected my doctor to ask (she doesn’t already know my history as she was a Locum and didn’t even have my account up on her computer when I was in the surgery). Five minutes later and I’m booked in to my local centre in two weeks time for my first appointment. I’m excited, maybe then it will start to feel real?!

As I reported last week I’m still feeling slightly detached and not at all emotional or gushy when I see babies. I think I was expecting to feel tingles of excitement or apprehension when walking through the baby section of Boots, seeing all those adorable teeny clothes and bibs. But since I found out, I’ve oddly felt nothing. And I don’t know if I should be worried or if it’s normal and that I’m still a little in shock and not quite believing it just yet. I think it’s the latter, purely because I used to gush over cute baby stuff before I was pregnant, so the fact that I don’t feel ANYTHING now must mean I’ve gone into temporary shut down or something. 

If anyone went through the same thing or has any advice I’d love to hear it! In the meantime I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of week 6 (the week of the blueberry!) brings… hopefully not the dreaded sickness!

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  1. First Congratulations! For me when I found out I was pregnant it didn’t feel like it was real until the first time I saw my baby during my ultrasound. When you see their heartbeat, it clicks and I was thinking “wow, there’s another living being inside me”. The next ultrasound I even got the chance to see my baby wiggle it’s bum. At that point it starts becoming real. As for symptoms, people kept asking if I was throwing up and getting those other symptoms. I recently became nauseous at 9 weeks. It’s different for everyone. I can’t wait for a bump and getting to feel kicks.

    1. Thank you! Congratulations to you too! I can’t wait for a scan as I think you’re right, that’s the point it will all feel real. It’s good to hear other people’s stories, makes me feel much better and less worried that I don’t have symptoms! I really should just enjoy it and not overthink it! Thanks for reading and commenting, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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