Pregnant Foodie: Beef Goulash Recipe

I hate to start with a disclaimer, but just to be totally clear before we get started – I’m not a chef or a medical professional. But I am pregnant and I do love food and enjoy cooking. So any recipe posts are just a little record of what I like to eat while some of my favourite go-to foods are off the menu. Hoping it gives others like me some ideas and inspiration for eating during their pregnancy.

When you love food, finding out you’re pregnant is a strange time. I’ve been bombarded with advice from my app and the Internet about what I should be eating, what I shouldn’t be eating, how many portions I should have (anyone else not really know how big a portion actually is?!)…

Like many people, we’d become stuck in a rut of a weekly routine of meals. And some of those top-of-mind, easy to make meals are no longer on the menu as they include something I shouldn’t eat, or I’m quickly realising I’m not eating enough of a varied diet. I’m not sure exactly when I accidentally restricted my calcium intake to a splash of milk in my morning coffee but that’s not enough to keep my bones strong let alone grow another person’s from scratch.

So, I’m on a mission to find a new, improved roster of meals. Recipes that I can make quickly after work, that taste good, that include a good mix of the stuff I should be eating, and that don’t cost the earth to make.

First up… Beef Goulash.

One of my favourite recipes, pregnant or not, is the Beef Goulash from my used-to-death cook book, The Hairy Dieters. Both volume 1 and 2 of this book are brilliant and full of healthy takes on classic dishes or new and interesting meals.

The Beef Goulash recipe hits a few of the key food groups you should be eating when expecting. has some good advice for what you should be aiming for nutritionally, and this recipe covers:

  • Vegetables – bright fresh peppers, tomatoes and onions, full of goodness.
  • Beef – protein and also good for iron, which I’ve read us pregnant girls need more of the further into your pregnancy you go.
  • Rice – we need to eat starchy foods, brown rice would probably be better but it’s a step too far for me just now. I’ll keep trying!
  • Greek yoghurt – as an accompaniment only, but always good to have a touch of dairy for that much needed calcium.

Just look at all of those bright and fresh ingredients. And this, plus a little rice, is all it takes…

So fresh and so clean, clean
So fresh and so clean, clean

You can get the full recipe on the Hairy Bikers’ website, so for this post I won’t bore you by repeating it here, just pop on over to the Hairy Biker’s recipe for the full ingredients list and the method. It’s a real sweet and smoky one pot wonder, with chopped tomatoes and paprika at the heart of it, putting it firmly on top of the comfort food pile. Super easy and delicious, it’s the perfect nutritional Sunday feast.

One pot wonder
One pot wonder
Beef Goulash Pregnancy recipe
Perfect preggos comfort food
Mummy in a Tutu

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  1. I completely relate to the frustrated pregnant foodie feelings! Your posts about good things to eat when pregnant are a great idea. I love the Hairy Bikers and this goulash looks delicious. #foodiefriday

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