The week that was… The Poppy Seed

Week Four of my pregnancy is done and dusted, every Friday is the start of a new week for me. I’ve always liked Fridays so it’s nice to now have a weekly milestone to celebrate too (without the boozy Friday lunch, unfortunately).

There are loads of sites and apps online that keep you up to date with the average size of your baby that week, and as I’m using the Ovia Pregnancy app (see my review in my previous post), week four was the week of the poppy seed.


I can’t believe that something that tiny is growing a spinal cord and a heart and turning into a baby… I’m struggling to get my head around it all.

The Poppy Seed
The Poppy Seed


The Poppy Seed hasn’t caused me any problems as far as symptoms go, to the point that I started to doubt the three positive tests and wonder if there was anything happening at all. Where were these raging hormones and sore boobs that are apparently so common?! Again, not complaining as I’m probably one of the lucky few, it’s just hard to believe it when you feel no different.

I’ve also felt strangely detached from it all, emotionally I mean, not to get too deep or anything. I’ve been addicted to my app and totally distracted from work, not doing or thinking about anything in particular, just not on this planet either. Yet when I went to the Trafford Centre on my lunch and passed through the baby section of Boots, and navigated a stream of mums and babies, I thought I’d feel a flutter of excitement or sick with nerves, but nope. Nothing.

My theory is that although I’ve not stopped thinking about it, it hasn’t actually sunk in yet. Yes we were trying, but it happened in our second month of trying and I’d completely convinced myself that February wasn’t our month. So when I found out it was, I was a little stunned. I think if I start getting symptoms, or at least when I have a scan, it will all become real and I’ll start to feel something. Anything. I hope. Because I really am happy that this has happened for us and we’re going to be a little family of three.

Also, I know my heart hasn’t frozen over completely, I cried at DIY S.O.S. the other night so there’s something going on in there.

So the week of the poppy seed was a bit of a overwhelming one. But it was the week I found out I’m expecting our first baby, a Sunday morning I’ll never forget. I feel fine, I’m really happy, I’m just not the emotional mess I thought I might have been!

But there’s still 36 weeks to go, so watch this space!…