Keeping on track and in the know with the Ovia Pregnancy App

After my unproductive visit to the doctors earlier this week (read about it in my first post) I naturally turned to the internet to find advice on how to handle the early days of pregnancy and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Luckily I didn’t come across to much conflicting information as I was looking for such generic advice, and it was kind of as expected, you know, see your doctor (erm…), don’t drink alcohol, cut out basically every food that I live for from my diet, you know the kind of thing. Not that I’m complaining, but my god I’m going to miss coffee.

The problem is that there is SO MUCH information and yet it’s all basically saying that everyone’s different and will have different experiences. So I decided to focus on that while I’m waiting for the ball to get rolling in the coming weeks, my experience and no-one else’s.

A pregnant friend had told me about an app she’s using called Ovia Pregnancy, so I downloaded it (for free) to see what it’s all about.

Ovia Pregnancy App
The Ovia Pregnancy App. Yep, my name’s Sarah, ssshhhhh!

So far it’s been quite useful, mostly thanks to the Food Safety Look-up feature which has been invaluable in the last few days. It not only tells you when you should or shouldn’t eat something, but also tells you why, which helps put the risk into context. Actually, I can do without that feta cheese in my stuffed pepper for a few months, it’s not the end of the world.


Food Look Up
A handy food look-up search tool
With that all important, whether its a yay or nay.

Another feature I’m enjoying is the Pregnancy by Week section, which talks you through what to expect through each week, including where the baby’s development is up to and how Mum might be feeling (or ‘Mom’ in Ovia’s case). The Mum bit feels a little alien to me right now as I’m currently suffering no symptoms, and I can’t help but wonder if I should be worried that those sore boobs, raging hormones and food aversions haven’t shown their ugly faces just yet?! I’m keeping calm and just thinking that I’m lucky and to make the most of it, as something’s bound to hit soon!

Pregnancy by Week Ovia App
Week by week, what to expect

It’s really interesting to hear about how my embryo is developing what will become her brain this week, and each day the app gives an update on what might be new that day – today it was that my embryo is developing its primitive heart tube, yesterday it developed it’s neural groove which will become it’s spinal cord. Fascinating and difficult to believe this is happening inside me right now, to something that is currently only the size of a poppy seed!

The app has a calendar to keep notes in of medical appointments, symptoms, mood, weight… everything, basically. It also allows you to keep track of nutrition, allowing you to update the number of portions you’ve had of each of the key food types. This is a good little feature but I can’t help thinking it would be even better if it summed it up at the end of the week and told me where I’m lacking and maybe where I’m overdoing it. A balanced diet with baby in mind is a bit of a minefield.

Calendar Ovia Pregnancy App
A calendar to keep track of your reams of notes

There a number of other sections which I haven’t even looked at yet, and I’ve already been served a couple of useful articles into my feed which have taught me a little about the scans I should expect to have and the symptoms I might notice along the way.

All in all it’s a great little app and it certainly gets addictive. Informative and easy to use, for someone in the super early stages, like me, it starts to immerse you in the idea of being pregnant and having a little one. It even asks you to give the embryo a nickname which it then refers to throughout each section which is cute. Mine’s Duff, if you were wondering. Because I’m up it. Sorry, I wasn’t feeling particularly imaginative that day.

There are probably a million other apps out there that do something the same or even better, but as a starting point this is a good’un. And I don’t think my overwhelmed little brain can take any more information or options right now anyway!

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