Day Dot


1-2 Weeks.

Shiiiiit.  That big, life changing thing that we really wanted to happen is actually happening. Totally overjoyed but totally, instantly terrified. That’s normal, yes?!

We were very lucky in that we haven’t been trying for long at all, and that in itself meant that positive test came as something of a shock despite the fact we’d obviously been actively trying. I’d convinced myself it was going to be a long and tough road, not being negative but I think more so that when I did have my week of doom each month it would be easier to keep my chin up.

So this month, the period didn’t come, and neither did anything else for that matter. Even now, four days on, I haven’t had a sore boob or hormonal sob to rub together. I’m hoping this lasts of course, but can’t help but wonder if there’s definitely something in there?!

We made a doctors appointment the day after that first test, you know, to get it confirmed and get some basic advice. It wasn’t the nicest experience unfortunately. We saw a Locum doctor that I’d never met before and she practically laughed us out of the room, repeatedly asking ‘but I don’t understand, why are you so eager to find out so early?’ Erm… seriously?,

Eventually we left with no confirmation and no advice, just a bad taste in our mouths and a desperation to find a new doctor sharpish. We understand if she couldn’t do a test that would tell us any different to a home test, as they’re so accurate these days, but surely asking for a little confirmation and advice on next steps and how to get the ball rolling isn’t too much to ask? Anyway, we’re going to try again with another doctor at our surgery at least to get it noted on the system somewhere.

We did do another two gets to out our minds at rest and they were both positive… Three tests can’t be wrong surely, so that’s enough confirmation for us.

So, that’s the story of day dot and a few days beyond! Of course I’m well aware that talking about your pregnancy so early on isn’t the done thing, but I struggled to find much other than medical websites to get any idea of what to expect in the first trimester, and I wanted to hear about real people, real world experiences, so that’s hopefully what From Day Dot will be. I also decided to start this blog, anonymously of course for now, as a way of recording the whole journey and to interact with other parents and parents to be, to share my experience and hopefully gain some advice on this whole pregnancy malarkey. 

Because, like every other first time parents-to-be, we’re totally wingin’ it!

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