Pumpkin Picking Photoshoot

When Max was born last November at 40 weeks, he was apparently the size of a pumpkin (see ‘evidence’ below). My personal horror story (labour) also kind of started on Halloween itself, by my body evacuating every ounce of EVERYTHING, other than the baby, right after I carved my first ever pumpkin (at the age of 30, I KNOW!!).

So pumpkins have a new, very special meaning to me, and what better way to celebrate this special time of year than by capturing my little pumpkin’s first ever pumpkin picking sesh.

New Mumma Photography is a Southport-based photographer who specialises photography of babes and kids in their own home, but she also does location shoots, just like this one at Hightown Pumpkin Patch. I snapped up a half hour slot for a bargain of £25, which included one digital photo, and we hot footed it down to the patch one rainy Saturday morning.

Max was a pro, working the camera despite the wind and rain, and while he seemed a little grumpy at the time Sarah managed to capture some uh-mazing photos, including some cheesy grins we didn’t even realise he’d cracked and some smouldering ad campaign-worthy shots (in my biased Mum opinion), plus one of him walking a few steps which was really special for us.

There was no way we could have picked one so chose our favourite seven and gladly paid the additional £10 per picture – these are Max’s first professional photos as we weren’t organised enough to do a newborn shoot, and as they’re digital photos we can have as many printed as we like for ourselves and for family (Christmas presents, check!)

So baby bore, alert, but how adorable are these pics!…

Follow New Mumma Photography on Facebook and Instagram and if you’re local to the North West make sure you get in touch or look out for more special photoshoot opportunities!

Max 5 Month Development Diary

Month five passed in a blur, and it was without doubt my favourite month with Max so far. Without even realising it we’d passed through the newborn stage, and suddenly we were reminiscing on the days when we were obsessively Google colic symptoms, getting up every two hours during the night and taking Max to bed with us at 10pm, when Master had woken from his late evening nap and we were free to finally collapse into bed.

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Shop Small Gifts for Mothers Day

My first Mother’s Day coming up next week, and I have to say I am looking forward to it! Other than breakfast in bed (and ideally a little lie in), I have no expectation about what the day will bring for me, but I’m excited to reach this first milestone and celebrate being Max’s Mum for the first time.

So in honour of the impending day, I thought I’d round up a few of my favourite gifts from small shops – the kind of thing I’d choose if I were going to buy myself a Mother’s Day present (I’m not, so I won’t be getting any of these.)

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